LET’S TALK! If You’re Offered 5 Million Naira To Leave Your Partner, Will You Accept It?

Hi guys!

Love is so beautiful but another thing that can rival love is money.

Let’s ask ourselves this funny question as we all know it happens for real.

Imagine your partner’s patent decide to pay you off like offering you the sum of 5 million naira to leave their children. Someone you can’t do without. Someone you want to be with forever.

Be Sincere 👇

Would You Accept The Offer?

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  1. “Yes”because even the partner is not ready to spend for u or establish u, so I prefer getting 5m to establish myself to multiply the money

  2. No. He who finds a wife has found a good thing and obtains favor from the lord. The eternal blessing attached to staying married till death do you apart, can’t be compared to just 5 million naira. Also, think about the negative effects and scars this would result to both emotionally, pschologically etc. for life for both you and your partner and your children (if there are). It is not worth 5 million naira at all

    • Ifeoluwa by name….

      Talking abt partners(partners are different)
      We have some even wen dey don’t have dey go extra miles for der gfs and some wen dey have they don’t gv(you don’t know wen dey have nd wen didn’t have)

      Now,judging with my own relationship
      (The answer is No,I can’t leave him cos of 5million)
      Those ones offering 5m worked for it
      My partner will work I will also work alongside with prayer nd we make more than that……
      Money might finish anytime, anything can happen but Love will keeps u going cos u will find peace,happiness,u will create yr own world wen der is nothing……

  3. No, I will never do that, remember in my first comment,he is a joy giver,why would I trade my happiness for money,He is a strong guy and ha
    rdworking,I believe he will make much more than 50billion in life,so why the rush,#5millon will finish but happiness last forever,He love me and I love him more,I love US,I will never trade my happiness for anything whatsoever

  4. Lol what is 5 million, something that you and your partner can eventually make together, if I truly want to be with you that’s all that matters to me, no one can change my mind, with God we can gain everything we need

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