Taking pictures is a sin – Religious scholar warns

A religious scholar has said that it is a sin to snap photos and post online.

Abiona Taofeek Altruist, the founder of Altruist Education and Business Institute, took to Facebook to bless “brothers and sisters” who have never uploaded their photo on social media.

He went on to pray that those “stubborn” ones who are fond of publicising their photos will have a change of heart.

He added that capturing a picture is a “great sin” and he asked his followers to repent and turn back to Allah.

He wrote: “May Allah bless those brothers and sisters who have not for once uploaded their pictures on social media, and may He soften the heart of those  stubborn people who are so fond of doing it. Just stop capturing a picture, it’s indéed a great sin. Repent now and turn back to Your Lord[Allah]. May Allah forgive our shortcomings, give us the best understanding of His Deen[Islam] and preserve us upon sunnah and goodness.”

Taking pictures is a sin - Religious scholar warns as he blesses those who have never uploaded any photo on social media


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